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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 53: Thomas doesn't like Dave Matthews!

I know. It's been  a while. Christmas set in and ran me over. I have been working Tom daily (except Christmas Day) and he's been generally high as a kite and very difficult. Lots of shying, bolting and leaping. Not exactly what I was hoping for as a way to unwind from the stresses of the holidays! Of course the snowstorm we had Sunday night and Monday didn't help. Yesterday when I went to the barn I thought I had arrived at the North Pole. The wind was blowing the snow totally sideways. Doors were banging. There was snow in the hall at Penny's barn. Tom walked quietly to the arena and I let him go; just free-lunging. He bucked and dashed and enjoyed the freedom in soft footing. I was happy that I had chosen not to attempt riding him!

Today was milder. The sun got things up to the mid twenties. I packed up my Christmas gift to Penny- a sound system and iPod for the arena- and got there before the sun set. I set up the music and put it on one of my favorite Dave Matthews albums and went and got Tom tacked up. I brought him to the arena in saddle, bridle and lunging gear. I figured a few minutes on the lunge might take the "edge" off. 45 minutes later, I felt like it might be safe to get on him! He doesn't like Dave Matthews! The stereo is set up right next to the big arena doors. They were blowing in the wind, banging and clunking. Tom couldn't tolerate it. He was bucking, rearing, kicking out- you name it, he did it. I couldn't get him close enough to the stereo to turn the music down! I thought the music would help drown out the other arena noises, but every time there was a change in the music, he'd take off again. Fun. Anyway, I did get on him eventually, and just walked him around to cool out.

Tomorrow Danielle from Poulin Grain is coming to test the hay. When she gets the results back we can look at his diet and see if there's something making him so high. Can't be soon enough, I say!

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